Flashback to the American Legion Memorial Museum

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U.S. Army Signal Corps, Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation Collection

Before the Virginia War Museum became Newport News city property the collection began its life in 1923 as the American Legion Memorial Museum. With a collection that focuses on personal artifacts from every era of American history the War Museum has a lot to offer! Today they are located next to Huntington Park and are open each day, 9-5, except Sundays when they open at 12. Go pay them a visit and see their impressive collection of war propaganda posters.

We were delighted to find a staged PR-shoot set in the old American Legion Memorial Museum in the Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation Collection housed in The Mariners’ Museum archives. As was common of many World War II PR efforts, a pair of photogenic WACs were drafted to model the collection. Through the eyes of Pvt. Doris Gregory and Cpl. Mary Braswell these photos allow us to explore some pieces from the War Museum’s collection as it existed in the 1940s. Of particular interest were a few relics from the current war in Europe and the Pacific.   Read more