Way Back Wednesday

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Construction of figurehead gallery 1977

Construction of the Figurehead Gallery in 1977.  I particularly love the two dragons that guard the doorway.  One of them is currently on display in our A-Z exhibition.

Here we have a Sea Saturdays educational program from 1982.  Not sure if they’re learning about the whale or trying to piece him back together.  Now we have our Maritime Monday programs.   Read more

America’s Cup Pieces on Display

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J-foil daggerboard, T-foil rudder, bow replacement piece & Slingsby's jersey on display
J-foil daggerboard, T-foil rudder, bow replacement piece & Slingsby’s jersey on display; photograph courtesy of museum photographer, Brock Switzer

Those who have been reading this blog for awhile now may remember that about two years ago we received a very exciting donation of materials from Oracle Team USA, the winners of the America’s Cup Regatta.  This donation included the J-foil daggerboard, T-foil rudder, bow replacement piece, and various crew gear.  I’m happy to say that several of these pieces are now on display in our International Small Craft Center!

The difficult part was getting the pieces, especially the J-foil into their mounts and into Small Craft.  As the picture shows, the J-foil is very tall and also heavy, weighing about 750lbs.  Thankfully we have a very skilled exhibit team.   Read more