Can’t You Just Photoshop It?

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I’ve heard it time and time again, “can’t you just Photoshop it?” I blame all the magicians out there who accomplish unreal feats every day using Photoshop. They’ve built up a mythos that stands nearly impossible to live up to if you, like me, consider yourself “good, but not great” at using the program.

In May, we will be opening a new exhibition, Answering America’s Call: Newport News in World War I. The exhibit will explore the local impacts of WWI through personal stories and artifacts as well as lots and lots of posters. Posters like this one:   Read more

Posters, part 4

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A couple of months ago I shared images of posters in our collection.  Photographing all of the posters is one of my goals this year as I know that we have some pretty fantastic ones and it would be great to have updated photographs of all of them.  When the project is completed, the photos will be entered into our database where they will be available to anyone searching our collection online.  I’ve recently been able to work on the project again, so I thought I would share some more posters!

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