Princess Carolina Progress: New Strides in Caring for the Collection

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Macroscopic view of a white oak endgrain. Arrows denote large rays characteristic of oaks. (Meier, 2020)

Hello Mariners’ family!

I hope you’re all doing well, staying safe, and enjoying the holiday season. I’m writing again because I wanted to give you all an update on the work I started in November on Princess Carolina aka the Ronson ship.   Read more

Do you have an 18th century pencil we can borrow?

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Why yes, yes we do!

This is the question we received about a year or so ago from the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation.  Part of the material that came from the Ronson ship (you can read more about that here and here), is an 18th century pencil, which really had not been looked at closely until this point.   Read more