The Little Ship that Couldn't

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Last month I posted an article about a new piece to the collection, an one cent token from the Knickerbocker Steamboat Company, which had been in the pocket of a survivor of the June 15, 1904 disaster on the ship, General Slocum. (Click HERE to see that post)  I have spent a lot of time researching the ship and the disaster in an effort to create various articles about it, including one for our Member’s Magazine, Ahoy!.  In the course of this research, I have started calling poor General Slocum the little ship that couldn’t.  Why?  Well, because she had numerous problems throughout her fairly short career.

She was built in 1891 by Devine Burtis of Brooklyn, New York (keel laid December 23, 1890) and was launched on April 18, 1891.  She was owned by the Knickerbocker Steamboat Company and was sister ship to Grand Republic.  From the beginning, General Slocum had a number of missteps:   Read more