Two Lives Aboard the USS Nantucket

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USS Nantucket in a post-Civil War image.

Join us at the Library next Wednesday May 4, 2011 at noon for our next Secrets in the Stacks.  This month’s presentation will feature two journals kept by sailors who served on the ironclad monitor Nantucket during the Civil War.

First we will look at the journal of Walter Jacobs, a Union sailor during the Civil War.  A recent acquisition, Jacobs’ journal covers the time period of August 1863 to December 1864, during which he served on two ships: the screw steamer Flambeau and the Passaic-class monitorNantucket.  Jacobs served on the ironclad from February 1864 to December 1864.  Besides accounts of naval action, Jacobs offers rich detail on life aboard Civil War ships and ironclads, as well as a sailor’s opinion on everything from the Union war effort to politics to African Americans serving in the Union navy and army.   Read more