Behind the Scenes Tour

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Very rarely am I asked to give behind-the-scenes tours as Jeanne and Cindi usually do them, but this past Friday I got to take a small group of Ukrainian journalists on one.  They were here as part of a media partnership program with The Daily Press.  You can read more about that HERE.

Wanting to pull something from their country, I searched and searched and was only able to come up with one piece, a print of Odessa, which actually shows the city at a time when it was part of Russia.   Read more

Way Back Wednesdays

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May 1935 Norfolk & Southern Bus Corp. bring guests to museum

This first image was taken in May of 1935 and shows buses from the Norfolk Southern and Bus Corp. bringing guests to the museum.  There isn’t much else going on in these photos, but I do enjoy the older vehicles.

This next image is from 1934 and shows objects that were salvaged from the York River, the most visible being the two large cannons.  We have quite a number of objects that were salvaged from the river, including a collection of over 60 bottles.   Read more