Life's a Beach

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As we come upon the last few weeks of summer, I find myself remembering a past exhibition we had when I was still in college and just a volunteer here.  It was called Life’s a Beach and I thought it was just fantastic!  Part of why I enjoyed it so much is that it made you feel as though you were at a beach, although perhaps in various periods of history.  Below are some pictures our awesome photography department sent me of the exhibition.

Although not very visible in these photographs, there was a boardwalk for people to walk along in the exhibition, from one display to another.  We had a hut where clips of beach movies were playing (seen in the second to last pictures).  Different sections throughout the gallery talked about various beach fashions or life-saving techniques throughout the years.  It’s very interesting to compare beach-goers back then to those today.  The bathing suits we had were truly amazing to see, and most were acquired just for this exhibition, but of course now we have them if we ever want to do something with them in the future.   Read more