A Visit from Coast Guard Students

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Sailor’s Valentine from Barbados, ca 1875.

On the 28th we had a another visit from the students of the United States Coast Guard’s International Maritime Officer School.  They visit us about twice a year and every time it is a different group of students from different countries.  This time we had students representing 27 different countries and we had artifacts from all but 5, which is not too bad.  Most of the artifacts are prints, but we try to pull out 3D objects wherever possible.  And a big thank you to our photographer Crystal for sharing her photos!

Visit from the Coast Guard

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TMM; Coast Guard visit to ISCC; 05-26-2015 (1)
Artifacts set out, photo courtesy of Jim Wetherbee

Every year we give a tour to a group from the United States Coast Guard’s International Maritime Officer School; an interesting group who are always so curious and interested in our collection, especially our boats in the International Small Craft Center.  Usually our Chief Curator asks what countries the group is from and then proceeds to point out boats from those countries, but he was not here this year so we did a little something different.

This year we set out a couple tables with artifacts from the countries the group was from, giving them a taste of the scope of our collection.  And don’t let the first image fool you, they swarmed the tables when they first came in, but by the time this was taken they had already dispersed in the Small Craft Center.  Three of the objects made a particular impression on the group.   Read more