Way Back Wednesdays

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1972, Opening of the Gibbs Gallery

This shows the opening of the Gibbs Gallery in 1972.  The celebration is being held in the Great Hall and at the opposite end of the room was where the front of the exhibition was.  What’s great is that a lot of the pieces you see in the Great Hall are still on display in various places of the museum today.  The eagle, the figurehead on the wall and the lighthouse lens way in the back.  I believe the figurehead is in almost the exact same spot now as she was then.

This photographs show two guys putting together and exhibition featuring our model ships.  I think the map on the wall is great because you can see where the each ship type would have come from.  It reminds me of our International Small Craft Center and how we have flags hanging from the ceiling of the countries where we have boats from.   Read more