Why Newport News? Why 1930? Building a Museum and Park

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Today, Newport News is over 119 square miles and has a population of over 179,000 people, making it the fifth most populous city in Virginia. That is certainly nothing to sniff at, but, in 1930, Newport News did not extend southeast from Skiffes Creek. It was a concentrated area – only 4 square miles – centered around Newport News Point. The rest of the area that is now Newport News was various villages in Warwick County. Personally, I care most about Morrison (the area where the Museum and Park are), but Hilton, Stanely, Denbigh, ya know all those neighborhoods that still exist, were there, too   Read more

"Californians here they come…."

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Yes, Californians are coming to The Mariners’ Museum.  Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of greeting three different families form California. These visitors had been exposed to our museum via the internet and another from a hotel at which they were staying. One of the families was from San Diego and had a teenage son who was a Civil War buff.  What a delight to meet teenagers and students who are interested in history!!  He couldn’t wait to get started in The Monitor center!  We hope to see a lot more far away visitors this summer.

When I greet these Californians, it gives me the opportunity to share with them the museum connection with the Huntington’s from there.  They are not aware of Collis P. Huntington and how he brought the C&O railroad from West Virginia to Newport News.