The Port Carriage is Getting Lighter!!

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As mentioned on July 8th, several unsuccessful attempts in the removal of the wheels led us to plan B:  Disassemble the side plates by removal about 30 bolts… Fortunately, we have not had to remove every single bolt (yet), but by using Ridgid screw extractors we’ve made a great start! Removing only the bolts around the wheels released enough pressure to get us back to plan A (push and pull the wheels out).

Enjoy the following photos from last week’s work.   Read more

Gun Carriage Cathodic Protection Anode Upgrade

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This week conservators are installing improved impressed current cathodic protection anodes on the Monitor’s gun carriages.  The anodes are flexible wires supported on removable frames made of PVC pipes.  Josiah designed and built the frames which allow the anode wires to protect the metal parts of the gun carriages from corrosion during wet conservation treatment.  The frames are lightweight and easily removable to provide easy access to the carriages during deconcretion.