Artifact of the Month – Claret Jug

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This month’s artifact of the month comes as a recommendation from boss lady and is a claret jug inscribed to Francis Pettit Smith, a pioneer in the development of the screw propeller.

While not in the best of shape anymore, you can see how decorative and beautiful it must have been when presented to Smith.  The inscription reads “The First Screw Ship ARCHIMEDES 1859 / Presented with a silver salver / TO FRANCIS PETTIT SMITH ESQUIRE / By the committee and the other subscribers to / To the Smith Testimonial Fund / As a lasting mark of their high estimate of his / private worth, and the great benefit conferred / by him on his country. / In introducing, and by his talent, energy and / perserverence.  Bringing into general use the / system of screw propulsion. / 1858”   Read more