The Artifact is Ready for it's Close-Up, Mr. Director

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Curator Marc Nucup and  the show's host Geoff Edgers during filming.
Curator Marc Nucup and the show’s host Geoff Edgers during filming.

What do you do when faced with a storage area filled with artifacts, one film crew, one docent, one curator and one TV personality?   You stand around.   A lot.   And… babysit the artifacts so people and cameras don’t get to close ….listen to multiple versions of the same interview… watch many pieces of equipment get put together, taken apart, moved to another spot and then put back together again… listen to the inside jokes that only film crews can tell…and so on.  

      The museum is a popular destination for film crews from all over the world.   We get requests to film artifacts, galleries and even the entire museum as well as provide staff for interviews on or off camera and to share what we know about the objects.   Our photography department also gets numerous requests for images to serve as illustrations for narrated video segments.   Read more