A Portrait of the Figurehead as a Young Bear

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The first step is a single light from above.

Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was
a bear coming down along the hallway and this bear
that was coming down along the hall met a nicens little photographer named Brock.

Sorry, James Joyce. You’re probably rolling in your grave at my weak attempts at imitation.   Read more

Castles Shipbreaking Company

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Figurehead from HMS Formidable

Any visitor to the museum will most likely remember the large, gold eagle in our lobby as it is eye-catching and right in the path of the entrance.  But close to the eagle are two other impressive figureheads, those from HMS Formidable and HMS Edinburgh.

These figureheads (and one carving) came from a place called Castles Shipbreaking Company in London (to learn about the history of the company go HERE).  This company was known for breaking up ships (as their name implies), but they also had a furniture business.  While many figureheads, and carvings, were taken off of the ships before they came to Castles, many others were left on the ships and taken off by Castles.   Read more

Way Back Wednesday

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Construction of figurehead gallery 1977

Construction of the Figurehead Gallery in 1977.  I particularly love the two dragons that guard the doorway.  One of them is currently on display in our A-Z exhibition.

Here we have a Sea Saturdays educational program from 1982.  Not sure if they’re learning about the whale or trying to piece him back together.  Now we have our Maritime Monday programs.   Read more

Way Back Wednesday

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Education program March 1983

One of the important functions of our museum is education.  We have many images showing the various programs we used to offer in the past and, thankfully, we’re still going strong on the education front with an amazing Education Department and program offering.  I’m not completely sure what’s going on in the above picture from 1983, but the kids sure do look cute in their boats and hats!

This was part of a figurehead program in 1983 where the kids learned how they were made.  They they had their outlines drawn on paper to show what they might look like as a figurehead.   Read more

Way Back Wednesday

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Drum & Bugle Corps performing in Harvey Field, Brayton-Perkins Post, 07-21-1957 (1)

These first two pictures show the Drum and Bugle Corp, Braxton-Perkins Post, performing in Harvey Field, July 21, 1957

Model demonstration on Lake Maury, June 3, 1979.  I’m not sure the last time we had models on the lake, but it wasn’t so long ago that we used to host model-making competitions.   Read more