Remembering their Sacrifice: The 77th Anniversary of D-Day

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Panorama of Omaha Beach, “Charlie” and “Dog Green” sectors, 2016
Photographic interpretation by Lyles Forbes/The Mariners’ Museum and Park

We arrived at the beach early in the morning when the tide was out. A long way out. A warm breeze was coming in as we walked out to the water’s edge. “Don’t look back until you get out to the water.” When we got out there, and turned around . . .

. . . and stared at the bluffs overlooking Plage de Colleville-sur-Mer.  On this day 77 years ago,  the scene on Omaha Beach was far different from the quiet, sunny morning we experienced while there. It was, however, a powerful moment to try and imagine the landings made by the American V Corps.   Read more