The Bucaniers of America

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This is Exquemelin’s book. From The Mariners’ Museum Library collection.

Hello readers, and welcome back to the Library blog. It has come to my attention that an increasing number of patrons are interested in the writings of Alexandre Exquemelin, a pirate – or buccaneer – in the early days of piracy in the Caribbean. Therefore, this blogger has decided to review Exquemelin’s 1684 publication of “The Bucaniers of America.” Exquemelin was a Frenchman who indentured himself to the French West India Company in 1666, in exchange for transport to Tortuga. Once he fulfilled his contract and received his freedom, he became a buccaneer and joined Henry Morgan. Exquemelin accompanies Morgan on many of his exploits, including the attacks on Panama and Porto Vello, and joins other buccaneers like Captain Bartholomew Sharp as well. He eventually returned to Europe in 1682, and published this book.

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