Way Back Wednesdays

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1952 exhibition space

Our first picture this month shows an old exhibition in 1953.  I’m not sure what the theme of the exhibition might be, but there are a number of lighthouse lenses displayed as well as part of the cockpit seat from Yacht America, the first winner of the America’s Cup.  For any of those that keep track, USA continued to hold onto the cup again last year in a nail-biting race.  America was designed by George Steers of George Steers & Co. and built by William H. Brown in 1850/1851.

A life-saving display in our courtyard exhibition in 1939.  The two little life-cars are still on display, one in our International Small Craft Center and the other in Abandon Ship.  Life-car’s were used to rescue people when a ship was foundering close to shore.  A line would be attached from the shore to the ship and the car would be pulled to shore with the people in it.  The hanging breeches buoy is also on display in Abandon ship.   Read more