Conservator on Deck

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Meet the conservators and collections team!
Meet our conservators and collections team!

This August is a great time to visit the Mariners’ Museum and Park! Not only is admission one dollar, but we also have lots of amazing tours and talks going on throughout the entire museum. Come meet the staff of the Monitor Center and learn more about the history, archaeology, and conservation of the ship. Every weekday from 2-3 pm, one of our staff will be on the observation deck overlooking the wet lab. This is a fantastic chance to ask questions and learn more about what we do in the labs. Check out the museum website for all the information you need to plan your day!

August One

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Hello readers!  August is almost here and the museum has a special campaign planned.  For the entire month of August museum admission will be $1 per person.  We are also planning to have two to three staff members in the galleries every day to interact with our visitors and give more in depth information on various artifacts or events exhibited in the museum.  Several of these will correspond to particular maritime events that occurred in August, starting with the Battle of the Nile on the 1st.  This will be a wonderful time to visit the museum and get to interact with the staff!