Way Back Wednesdays

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Sept 1974, Soviet scientists being shown the Crabtree models by August F. Crabtree

Our first image this month shows a group of Russian Scientists getting a tour of the museum in September of 1974.  The man second to the left is August Crabtree, who made a number of beautiful models that are currently on display in our galleries, and is showing one of them to the group in the picture.  We also have an online exhibition for those who cannot make it to the museum.

Here we have the museum’s six millionth visitor receiving a present from Director William Wilkinson on September 11, 1972.  In the background is a painting of Hornet (CV-8), a United States Aircraft Carrier.  The painting was done by Thomas C. Skinner, museum artist, ca 1942-1958.   Read more

A Midwesterner learns about sailing ships

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The past few weeks have conspired to finally make me learn the difference between a sail and a sheet.

I can hear many of you, dear readers, chuckling to yourselves right now, and I honestly don’t blame you.  I have been a maritime librarian for several years and still had no firm grasp on the workings of a sailing ship.  No understanding of it beyond the barest essentials needed to not make a fool of myself.  I have always exculpated myself by pointing to my Ohio roots (I am reminded of the donation the Library received yesterday from a New Mexico public library.  They gave us several maritime-related books, saying in their letter that there wasn’t much interest in them in the high desert).  I also blamed my work on the age of steam, though as I have written in these pages, I know little to nothing about steam-engines either.   Read more