Worthington Pump Disassembly Part 1

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 This has been a big week for disassembly of the Worthington pumps!  After long-term treatment in electrolytic reduction and removal of chlorides from the outer surfaces of the pumps, it’s time to remove as many of the internal moving parts as possible to make sure all surfaces are conserved.  This week Eric and Gary removed the port pump damping piston from its steam chest, and also separated both port and starboard pump damping pistons from their valve rods. 

This was accomplished by supporting the parts in a vertical hydraulic press and carefully applying pressure to the target areas with the help of tools and support plates made by Gary.    Read more

The Port Carriage is Getting Lighter!!

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As mentioned on July 8th, several unsuccessful attempts in the removal of the wheels led us to plan B:  Disassemble the side plates by removal about 30 bolts… Fortunately, we have not had to remove every single bolt (yet), but by using Ridgid screw extractors we’ve made a great start! Removing only the bolts around the wheels released enough pressure to get us back to plan A (push and pull the wheels out).

Enjoy the following photos from last week’s work.   Read more