The Spanish Flu in Hampton Roads  

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King Alfonso XIII of Spain, ca. 1916. Kaulak, photographer. Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. Public domain.


I had a little bird,   Read more

HRPE in moving pictures

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HRPE Collection, US Army Signal Corps, E-2602
Ensign John R. Branch, Second Class Seaman Richard L. Lowe, and First Class Seaman Dexter B. Alley posing with cameras.

The majority of our collection about the Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation consists of still photography produced by the Army Signal Corps. However there are some moving pictures as well, including some shots made by the US Navy on June 3, 1943. A copy of the 35mm film is housed at The Mariners’ Museum and another copy belongs to the National Archives and Records Administration who has digitized the movies and uploaded them to a public online database. Much to our delight a retired librarian with the screen name WWIIPublicDomain has been going through the database and putting some of it on YouTube where it can be more easily found by the general public.

Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation sent and received millions of men and millions more tonnes of cargo, most of it bound to the Mediterranean Theater of Operations. These short clips document the 45th Infantry Division embarking from Newport News destined for the invasion of Sicily, code name Operation Husky.   Read more