AC72 is here!!

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On January 30th the AC72 finally arrived!  It was met with great excitement by our staff and might now be the most photographed object in the collection since we all had our camera phones out.  The delivery came by way of three trucks, two we unloaded that morning and one that arrived later in the day.

The first piece to be unloaded was the central pod.  It was an incredibly tight fit, but they managed to get it in.  Small doors at a boat museum do not work well.  What followed were the forward and aft crossbeams, one of which was so wide that it had to go through a different door and made it around a corner by a hair.  This thing is huge!  Then came the j-foils and a couple of smaller pieces.   Read more

Almost Ready

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This week we finished clearing all of the artifacts out of the Great Hall of Steam.  The room has been cleaned and painted and is now awaiting the arrival of AC72 from Oracle Team USA, which will be here Monday.  Meanwhile, the gallery has become an excellent place to host staff meetings.  We’ve also begun organizing the gallery where the ship models now live, which should be open in two months or (hopefully) less.  More updates to come!