"Pharmaceutical rep visits his roots"

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I know there are many who missed my weekly blog, (LOL) but I have been busy connecting with our nine grandchildren before they return to school. (3 in college)

I had a cordial conversation with a visitor from Missouri and Civil War buff.  He had retired as a pharmaceutical rep and had attended William and Mary (yeah!).  He said that his family can be traced back to 1774 in New Kent County.  I said “‘don’t you think you should move back to your roots, because they must have shown you everything worth seeing in the “show me state” of Missouri by now?”  This was  a friendly exchange and he couldn’t wait to get into The Monitor Center.

Bruce is on the Loose!

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Dr. Bruce Kaiser visited The Mariners’ Museum last week and conducted a 2-day hands-on workshop on accurate elemental non-destructive XRF physics. 

Sounds like a mouthful, but Dr. Kaiser easily distilled the material and provided an opportunity for Monitor conservators to analyze numerous artifacts and samples.   Iron, copper alloys, tin, zinc, wool, and even the lead content in the glaze of a coffee mug.  Yikes!   Read more