"Notes on Knots" Online Exhibit Coming Soon

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From the rigging of the Niña, Pinta,and Santa Maria to the humble fisherman’s line, knots have been at the foundation of many of the most important, and everyday, events in maritime history.  Without knots, much of the maritime world would literally fall apart.

Library staff recently unearthed what many in the knot-tying community consider to be the “Holy Grail on knots,” Henry North Grant Bushby’s manuscript “Notes on Knots.”  Composed of eight volumes with over 1,900 hand-written pages and beautifully drawn pen and ink diagrams,  Bushby’s manuscript represents an in depth study of knotting and ropework, as well as knot theory.  Written between 1902 and his death in 1926, Bushby’s work was never published.  Bushby’s daughter, Dorothy, donated her father’s writings to The Mariners’ Museum Library in 1957.   Read more

The Unveiling of the Trireme

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On Tuesday December 7, 2010 the Library welcomed The Mariners’ Museum’s Bronze Door Society and Friends of the Library for “The Unveiling of the Trireme.”  The event showcased the Library’s newest addition, a scale model of a Greek trireme built by model maker Mark Wilkins.  The highlight of the evening was Dr. John Hyland’s talk on the history of the trireme.  Dr. Hyland is Assistant Professor of history at Christopher Newport University.In other trireme-related news, mark your calendars for March 17-18, 2011 when Friends of Trible Library at CNU and Friends of The Mariners’ Museum Library host the “Celebration of the Trireme.” The two day event will include a panel discussion on “The Triremes and Athenian Democracy” and a presentation on “Rowing the Olympias.”  Stay tuned for more details!

Welcome Aboard!

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