Going for the Bronze!!!! Part 1

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Over the last month, work has continued on the Worthington pump replication project with the focus having briefly turned to the reproduction of many of the bronze components from the pump, which includes the steam exhaust flange, tappets, lock nut, spindle valves, and several other pieces. Similar to the mold making method used to copy the steam chest cover and dampening piston cylinder head cast last April (see April blog posts), rubber molds were taken of the components through a several stage process. However, instead of using the technique of piece mold pattern casting, the “lost wax” casting method was employed to replicate the parts along with a different type of furnace used to melt the metal.

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After many months of work, treatment has been completed on a grouping of four rimfire cartridges recovered from the interior of the turret in 2006 (see blog post from February 18, 2010).

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