Hello to Our Teacher Friends!

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On Saturday, January 8, we hosted 39 teachers for a program here at the museum. We happened to be one of the stops on a whirlwind tour titled “Defenders of the Chesapeake”, which was put together by our colleague Winette Jefferies from the Hampton History Museum. The agenda for the day was a behind-the-scenes tour of Fort Monroe and The Casemate Museum, a lecture about Ft. Wool and tour at the Historic Chamberlin, a drive down Chesapeake Avenue from Hampton to Newport News (with a stop at Anderson Park for a review of the actual Battle of Hampton Roads site), and finally ending here at the museum for a brief tour of the Monitor Center exhibition, including a special behind-the-scenes peek in the Batten Conservation Complex.

Our visitors came to see us thanks to a partnership between the Hampton History Museum, Newport News Public Schools, and a Teaching American History Grant titled “Voices Of A Nation”. They are currently in year two of the grant which encompasses five years of workshops, tours, and innovative projects for Social Studies teachers K-12. Their theme for this year highlights the Civil War era, which is great timing, considering all the commemorative events on the horizon.   Read more

Moving a cannon is tough work!

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Yesterday we moved a recently conserved IX inch Dahlgren from the CSS Virginia, on loan from our friends at the Naval History and Heritage Command, into The Monitor Center.

What does it take to move a 9000 lb cannon? A lot of planning, and plenty of back muscle from the Museum’s Conservation and Exhibit Design staff members!   Read more