Testing the Waters with B-WET

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Vallisneria americana [eelgrass] planted in Mariners’ Lake.

The first year of B-WET

I am sure that it would come as no surprise to hear that The Mariners’ Museum and Park cares deeply about the Chesapeake Bay. The fact that our 550-acre urban oasis abuts the James River means that we have a large responsibility to keep the Park and Mariners’ Lake clean and healthy.

Our amazing Park team works day in and day out to make sure that the Park remains in the incredible condition that it is in so that all can come to enjoy its beauty. The team also monitors the health of the Lake and Kettle Pond to ensure that the water is safe for the wildlife that rely on it and call it home.   Read more

A Mindful Walk in the Park

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Trees in the Park from a bridge
Autumn in the Park. Photo courtesy of Brock Switzer/The Mariners’ Museum and Park.

Mindfulness. What comes to mind (no pun intended) when you hear this term? Some might think of certain religions, or yoga, maybe meditation. For some, when this term gets thrown around, the first reaction is groaning and a roll of the eyes. For others, this term is like an unfathomable goal – something that they think they can never achieve.

But why is this? I asked myself this question while taking a walk in the Park during my lunch break one day. My coworkers and I had been working on the content for our new outdoor educational enrichment program where students practice mindfulness in the Park, and I needed a change of scenery to help spark some creativity. As I walked along the path of the Noland Trail pondering this stigma around mindfulness, a million other thoughts popped up in my head. “I wonder if I have any new emails waiting for me at my office.” “What updates do I have for everyone for our department meeting later?” “What am I going to cook for dinner?” And of course, “Man, it is SO HOT outside, I should head back to the AC before I start sweating.”   Read more