Landlocked No More

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Me in 2019 with a cardboard cutout of George Stout at the premiere of the documentary Stout Hearted.

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan Brittain. I’m thrilled to be joining The Mariners’ Museum and Park team as a Graduate Assistant from the William & Mary American Studies PhD program. I’ll be working in the Archives, helping to provide greater online access to our collections, during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 and beyond. Throughout this process, I’ll be blogging a lot, and I hope we’ll get to know each other a bit in the coming months. I look forward to reading and responding to your comments. For today, though, I’d simply like to introduce myself a bit.

I hail from Iowa, middle (depending on who you ask) of the Midwest. Specifically, I’m from Winterset, a town of 5,000 with Hollywood claims to fame. It’s the birthplace of John Wayne, setting of The Bridges of Madison County (both the film site and the structures themselves), and home town of Monuments Man George Stout (immortalized by George Clooney as Frank Stokes). I loved growing up there for a lot of reasons, but probably most of all for its history, visual richness, and access to the outdoors.   Read more