Beyond the Frame: The Essence of a Memory

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“Full Tide” by Frederick Judd Waugh, 1929. Oil on Canvas. 1942.0446.000001 | Photo by Kyra Duffley/The Mariners’ Museum and Park.

Let your eyes soften, and take a deep breath. Picture a happy memory or a moment. In this second of subconscious awareness, what do you see? Is it crisp and vivid, or soft and a little blurry? What do you feel? Happy or wishful, possibly something more visceral? An excited flutter in your chest or a slight prickle of the hairs on the back of your neck? What is it about this moment that left a lasting impression on you?

Think. Feel.   Read more

Beyond the Frame: The Story of the Ship

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“The Story of The Ship” Series by Harry Neyland. 1924 Oil on Canvas. Old Accession Numbers: QO1, QO2, QO3, QO4, QO5. | Photo by Kyra Duffley/The Mariners’ Museum and Park

Everything in this universe has a life cycle – even inanimate objects, concepts, or institutions, though they may look different from that of a living being. But there’s always a beginning – a spark or an idea. There are stages of growth, life, aging, and ultimately – an end.

The Story of the Ship is a story of life cycles. In this circa 1924 series by Harry Neyland, the artist uses 5 small oil on panel paintings to illustrate the creation, life, and demise of this vessel. But there are two life cycles directly associated with this series.    Read more

Beyond the Frame: Upon Which the Sun Hits

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“Hauling Nets” or “Piling Nets in a Wagon” by Gifford Beal. Oil on Canvas, ca. 1930.
1977.0003.000001 | The Mariners’ Museum and Park

As the day slows and comes to a close, the final sunbeams dance across the canvas catching and illuminating the edges of figures that are still hard at work. These same figures were warmed and welcomed into the day by the very first of the sun’s rays. 

Creating Unity

Much like the way these men work together towards a common goal, color, light, composition, and subject matter work together to create an overall harmonious feeling in the work. This feeling is one of unity, a core principle in art. In Gifford Beal’s ca. 1930 oil on canvas, “Hauling Nets” or “Piling Nets on a Wagon” the artist has created unity through the skillful use of all of these elements: color, light, composition, and especially subject matter.    Read more

Beyond the Frame: The Rescuers

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“Unidentified Coast Guard Vessel” Hunter Wood. Oil on Canvas, 1943.1969.0399.000001 | Photo by Brock Switzer/The Mariners’ Museum and Park

The world crashes back into being as you blink hard, the salt water stings your eyes, obscuring your vision.  The menacing water fills your lungs as you gasp for air. Rough waves slosh around you, they roar and toss you about.

Their power would be paralyzing if you stopped to think about it in this terrifying moment, but before you succumb to the water’s might, you see a form moving out of the spray towards you.  There’s someone there, you think you can hear them shouting.    Read more

Beyond the Frame: Where Sea Meets Shore

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“Coast of Cornwall” by William Trost Richards, 1884. Oil on Canvas. 1984.0020.000001. | The Mariners’ Museum and Park

“On the Coast, through the Action of the sea and of frost; the rocks have been worn into the most fantastic shapes and the color is peculiar to the ‘serpentine’ of this district . . . The whole coast has a dark and tragic character….”  – William Trost Richards

Roaring waves pound against the base of a cliff with such power and ferocity that they can be heard far from the cliff’s edge. Golden rays of light kiss the rocks and illuminate the swirling mist  that blows off the sea and obscures the view of the continuing coast. This moment, this scenery, this place has an otherworldly feeling to it. And there’s even more to this than we realize.   Read more