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This week we finished clearing all of the artifacts out of the Great Hall of Steam.  The room has been cleaned and painted and is now awaiting the arrival of AC72 from Oracle Team USA, which will be here Monday.  Meanwhile, the gallery has become an excellent place to host staff meetings.  We’ve also begun organizing the gallery where the ship models now live, which should be open in two months or (hopefully) less.  More updates to come!

2 thoughts on “Almost Ready”

  1. so all of the things from history of ships in the steam room are gone, all the figure heads and engines, things from the past are gone. shame, it’s what I love to see the most because they are haunted. now there is no reason to go to the museum for me. when you change what is good cause you think no one is interested, the spirits will come out and object. just sayin, lived it in my last house, they can get pretty distressed and lash out.

    1. Hi Donna, I’m sorry to hear that you are concerned at the changes we’ve made. Fortunately the models and most of the engines are not going into storage, they are simply moving to a different space. We recognize that they are a main point of interest for our visitors and important to keep on display. The figureheads will be going into storage as they need a break from being in the spotlight and, as we discovered while removing them from the gallery, a great many of them could use some conservation work. I hope that you will come back and visit us and the new model gallery.

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