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1940 Hole in Great Hall-A

A couple of years ago I posted a similar picture showing this boat and hole from the outside.  You can see that here.  This is an interior shot showing our Portuguese fishing boat being moved into the building.  The boat is very large at over 50 feet long and 13 feet wide and so the only to get it into the building was to bust a hole in the wall.

Breaking ice on Deer Park Lake, 12-20-1932

This shot shoes men on the lake at Deer Park breaking ice, December 20, 1932


This image shows our courtyard, which at the time was used as gallery space (and is now mostly rental space).  There were items that people could interact with, including the hand-operated bilge pump from USS Hartford.  Dated 1965.

Life Magazine Photographer's Taking Pictures of Lancaster Eagle, 03-1955MDS00356

In March of 1955, Life Magazine came out to photograph the Lancaster eagle figurehead (carved by John Haley Bellamy) for the cover of their April 18th magazine.