Way Back Wednesday


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bf50 arrival in Venice #34

In 1999 we sent out our Gondola to Venice, Italy for restoration work.  These two shots show it being transported to the shop where pieces would be fixed and it was repainted.  It is now on display in our International Small Craft Center.

bf50 arrival in Venice #33Anna Hyatt Huntington working in her studio, 1965

Another shot from 1965 of Anna Hyatt Huntington working in her studio on a giant head.  The head would later be attached to a body sitting on the horse in the background.

bf26 12-29-1939

Definitely not the best practice, but in the early days some of our boats were stored in the lake, seen here in 1939.  The boat in the foreground is our Haida war dugout canoe ca 1936, by unknown maker in Canada.