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After spending last week with the Monitor’s main steam engine, we are turning our attention to her condenser this week. Today we drained the tank and removed the anodes and reference electrodes.  Like the engine, the condenser just keeps looking better and better. Unfortunately the condenser isn’t really visible from our viewing platform, but it can be seen via our webcams. You will have no trouble seeing the turret from the viewing platform or the webcams once its tank is drained on July 27.

Peeking around the door of the condenser tank.
Peeking around the door of the condenser tank.

Just a quick snapshot of what you seeing looking into the condenser tank through the doorway. Official photographs will be taken tomorrow. Happy Monday.

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  1. Currently we are in the process of filling the condenser treatment tank with approximately 8,000 gallons of reverse osmosis (R.O.) water and multiple bags of our alkaline electrolyte, sodium hydroxide. Once the tank is full, we will circulate this solution until the hydroxide is uniformly mixed and we have achieved a pH of appx. 13. This will prevent iron components of the condenser from corroding while submerged, and it will make the treatment solution more conductive for electrolytic reduction. Stay tuned to this blog because in a few weeks we will be draining USS Monitor’s revolving gun turret treatment tank for a 2-week work window.