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Dec 23, 1974, Re-enlistment at naval memorial plaque


This image from December of 1973 shows a re-enlistment in front of Navy Memorial Plaque.  Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the two gentlemen, but behind them to the right you can see a little bit of our walking beam engine from the steamboat Albany.Constructing Gibbs Gallery, 1972


To people who have seen our courtyard, this should look somewhat familiar.  In 1972, the museum used part of the courtyard area to create the Gibbs Gallery, an exhibition celebrating William Francis Gibbs.

August 1974, museum staff member demonstrates aluminum, gold leafing techniques to Nautical Research Guild Conventioneers


In this photo from August 1974, a staff member demonstrates gold-leafing techniques to a group of Nautical Research Guild Conventioneers.  Our most famous artifact with gold-leafing would be the USS Lancaster eagle figurehead on display in our main lobby.


Aug 14, 1934, Lopez Mezquita with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Skinner and Charles Bailey


This last picture is from August of 1934 and shows painter Lopez Mezquita with his finished painting of Charles Bailey, who at the time was the retired Engineering Director at Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. and was the Vice-President of The Mariners’ Museum.  He is seated on the chair, beneath him sit Mr. Mrs. Thomas Skinner.  Thomas Skinner was the resident painter for the museum and painted beautiful scenes of the shipyard now in our collection.