Concordia Flies the Blue Peter!


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For the first time in over 2 years, the raised hulk of the Costa Concordia hoisted the Blue Peter, the flag now simply known as Papa that indicates a ship is ready to sail. And so, tugs rotated her and headed nor’nor’east and away from the coast of the Isola del Giglio. Exceptional photographic coverage of the moment can be found here.

It is strange coincidence that led to our cataloguing a book just yesterday on the Concordia that was published in 2006. Entitled simply Costa Concordia, this lovely book by Tiziana Lorenzelli gives the reader a great sense of the splendor of the liner just after it was launched. It was clearly the pride of Costa Crociere, the cruise ship company that had the liner built. This book is rather haunting to me in the same way our Titanic materials are. People died aboard this ship, and it is hard to square the beauty of it with its terrible fate and the tragedy of 32 lives confirmed lost.

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  1. So glad the the Costa Concordia book that I donated last year has found a good home! By the way an interesting footnote is that the Costa Concordia was built at the same shipyard in Sestri-Ponente (near Genova, Italy) that built the ill fated Italian liner Andrea Doria. When the Andrea Doria was built the shipyard was owned by the Ansaldo Group and when the Costa Concordia was built it was and still is- owned by the Fincantieri Group.