Way Back Wednesday


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Aug 14, 1934 Lopez Mezquita, came to the Museum to paint a few portraits, was a member of the Hispanic Society, which AM Huntington founded

Our first picture this month shows artist Lopez Mezquita in August of 1934.  He was a member of the Hispanic Society, which was founded by Archer Milton Huntington, who also founded our museum.  Mezquita was asked to come to the museum to paint portraits of some of the staff, including resident painter Thomas Skinner (a picture of that is to come later).1977, Admiral E.W. Sylvester & ship's officer with lifering from USS Wisconsin

This next image shows Admiral E.W. Sylvester and a ship’s officer with lifering from USS Wisconsin.  Not sure what exactly is happening in the photo, but it looks as if the guy on the left cracked a joke that the guy on the right didn’t appreciate.  Wisconsin is now resting in Norfolk where people can explore her decks.Aerial view of the museum

Aerial view of the museum, probably in the 60’s or 70’s.  It’s amazing to look at this and see how much the museum has grown.  The size has at least tripled since this, especially with the additions of the International Small Craft Center and Monitor Center.

Anna Hyatt Hungtington with sculptures, 1965; model of cph at left, part of model of Andrew Jackson as boy in back of her

One of my favorite images, this shows Anna Hyatt Huntington in her studio 1965.  Behind her on the left is a model of Collis Potter Huntington and behind that is a model of Andrew Jackson as a boy on a horse.  A number of her works can be seen throughout our park and museum, including the popular Lion’s Bridge.