Can you identify this building?


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Good morning, Readers,

Today I am hoping that you can help me with something that has been driving me crazy…

As you know, we have been working hard on our IMLS grant that is allowing us to catalog and digitize our archival resources that involve the Battle of Hampton Roads. One piece in series 13.5, the Jerry Lee Harlowe Collection of the Monitor Collection Associated Records (MS0390) has quite a lot of people stumped:

Monitor float
It’s a postcard with an image of the Monitor parade float, but what I have been trying to figure out is where this event took place. Knowing the geographic location will enhance the catalog record that I am trying to create for this piece, so if you know, please leave a comment!

4 thoughts on “Can you identify this building?”

  1. I don’t know if you are still looking for an ID on the location of this photo. I’m afraid I can’t help you as to an exact location but the flag on the stern of the float is prior to 1910. An examination of the people in the crowd shows many of them in Edwardian garb.

    Judging from the star arrangement on the blue field. The sign on the building says Mirick & Co. Running a quick search of companies and people with the name Mirick shows an inordinate number occurring in Massachusetts.

    Anyway I thought if there was an archival search of July 4th or perhaps Memorial Day parades prior to 1910 might help with some identification.

  2. Joseph, you have indeed unearthed two important bits of evidence! We’ll start looking at venues in Boston for a start. I’m also grateful for the hint about the dating of the piece by the position of the flag on the stern. Let’s see what we can find!