Art in the Park Update – Admiralty Type Anchor (DA 85)


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The last time I posted about this anchor, so generously sponsored by The Bronze Door Society for the Art in the Park project, I showed pictures of it after being cleaned, covered with anti-corrosive and with a first coat of paint.  The anchor has come a long way since then and has now been placed in its appointed location, although work for its display is not complete quite yet.

DSCF1904Here is the spot where the anchor is set to go, getting ready to lift it into place

DSCF1905Lifting the anchor into place


DSCF1906The anchor is in place, now we just need all the decoration that will go around it.

July 25, 2013aAnchor in place with gravel all set up.  The last step will be to create accompanying label text for the piece so visitors will know what they are looking at.

It’s very exciting to have one of these objects finally out in the park for visitors to view, even though the display is still missing the label text.  Of course I will post more pictures and an update when the setup is done.  If you’re in the area, stop on by and take a look!  This anchor is behind the main museum parking lot, next to the road.




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    1. Hi Ron. Our anchor measures 9’7″ long X 5’9″ wide and weighs about 3000 pounds. This anchor was donated to us along with several others from Baldt Anchor, Chain & Forge Division of The Boston Metals Company.

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