I Find That Riveting


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In 2001, along with the engine, several wrought iron structural members associated with it were also recovered. In the image below on the left, is a recent x-ray of a fragment of engine bed plate, which revealed a series of relatively intact rivets.


If you look closely at the x-ray, you can see the outlines of the rivet heads, which are hidden below concretion seen in the photograph of the artifact on the right!

3 thoughts on “I Find That Riveting”

  1. Will, that is an interesting item. What is it about 4″ x 24″? I count about 37 rivet holes, you’d almost think the bracket would be weaker due to all of these holes, but I guess they wante dit to be secure to the member it was attached to. It seems to me, and you can correct this observation, that instead of these rivet holes being placed with a uniform pattern, that they are just almost ramdomly placed where ever it was convenient to place one. Interesting how some parts to the ship are so precise and others are not.