Worthington Pump Packing Seal – Part 2


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After removal from the port Worthington pump steam chest, the packing material mentioned in the last post was largely complete and retained the shape of the cavity it was pressed into.   Examination under a microscope at 100x magnification revealed that the individual fibers are translucent and have a twist or ‘convolution’.  There is also an absence of the scales present on animal derived fibers such as wool.  Quite a bit of dirt or other particulate matter can also be seen.  Our first conclusion is that the packing material is a type of cotton fiber, possibly with additives to improve its sealant properties.   Stay tuned for more details soon!

2 thoughts on “Worthington Pump Packing Seal – Part 2”

    1. Fran, The packing material is not so different some some modern packing for faucets, valves and pumps. Some modern applications use teflon packing, but many also use cotton or synthetic fiber ropes, with and without graphite lubrication. It seems that packing technology has not changed too much, only the materials available.