From the Foundry: Part I


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Preparations for Replica Worthington Parts Casting

Buffalo, New York:  April 7, 2010

Today Will and Eric are continuing preparations for casting replicas of two components of the port side Worthington pump.  As a first step, multiple replicas have been cast in polyurethane plastic by taking two part rubber molds of the original artifacts.  The plastic casts were then fitted into wooden mold boxes which have been brought to the foundry at Buffalo State College in New York state.  Will is currently picking up a supply of fine casting sand that will be used to fill the mold boxes and crate the sand molds for iron casting.  Once at the foundry, the mold boxes will be used to create two part molds in fine casting sand.  The date for the iron pour is Saturday April 10th! Stay tuned for the next post “From the Foundry” as the replica casting project continues!

4 thoughts on “From the Foundry: Part I”

    1. Hello Tom, the part in the photo is the cylinder head for a damping piston on one of the Monitor’s Worthington steam bilge pumps, this was the first stage of mold making with the PU rubber half mold in its plaster jacket. We are currently at the Buffalo State College foundry and are completing the sand molds for the iron pour. Thanks for your interest and please stay tuned for more posts coming soon!

  1. I’ve been in molding for almost 15 years plus but not been able to do molding using polyurethane material. Relatively new with it. Do i need a special screw for this (hardened screw) if ever i want to runn the parts. Is it the same as conventional material?